Whether treatment of Qur'anic confined to Muslim groups only?

Healing is not limited to one specific group (Muslims) only, but to all the people who need its benefits. This has been proved by the results of the research of Dr. Ahmed El Kadi against the respondent Muslims and Non-Muslims. Also according to the word of Allah in the Quran surat Yunus: 57. "Verily, o man, have come to you from your Lord and a healing lessons for diseases (that are) in the chest of ...

"Even the author has ever encountered a non-muslim patients who have a lot of" ruqyah Mp3 "Audio in. Other than that, Quranic Healing practitioners find an amazing condition where a "spiritual journey" (someone who always change his/her religion) and his brain was filled with anxiety and doubt over Islam they cuddle and then found magical interference from jin. Praise be to Allaah healed and back to Islam after tens of years in Buddhism, Catholicism and Christianity.

Perdana Akhmad, S.Psi

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