The success rate of the treatment technology of Qur'anic (Quranic Healing Technology)

In fact, the healing is from Allah Subhannahu wata'ala on the other hand we must endeavor. This treatment is sought that his success is relative, depending on the confidence level of the offender, either the pain or the healer (healer) during the healing process. If the pain is not worth receiving healing and the healers were unable to exert influence anything then the healing will not happen. 

1. Healing only occurs when: there is the suitability of a drug with the disease.
2. Sooth those who treat and the person who receives it can be treated.

Other than the above, there are technical things that became the key to the success of the practitioner. Inshallah will be discussed in detail in the discussion of the next special in this beloved book.

Any Case of disease and who have Successfully cured?
Based on the experience of the Therapist encountered, many cases of the disease patients are already hopeless or not can be treated by paramedics and there have been many waste so much time, energy and treasure to cure the ailment to the various hospitals and clinics both inside and outside the country.

  1. Illness/complaint that successfully treated based on recognition of the sufferers, for example;
  2. Urinary tract infections, a complaint frequently urinate every night, up to 20 x overnight.
  3. Symptoms of a stroke, hand pain complaints, the body half paralyzed.
  4. Frequent vomiting, when already medical treatment to the hospital.
  5. Heart ache, when walked is not strong, short breathing, swollen foot-swelling.
  6. Vertigo which failed to recover despite already treated to a specialist.
  7. Shortness of breath and sore bodies that failed to heal.
  8. Unable to menstruate again when the age is still young.
  9. Toothache continues, but already to the dentist.
  10. Often sickly without cause, but have been to the doctor.
  11. ill after surgery that does not heal.
  12. Disorders of the soul.
  13. The diseases included in the clinical trials of medical is inexplicable (magic, witchcraft, disruption and jin attack).
  14. Eczema
  15. Barren (hard to get lineage) and spouses declared infertile or there is no medically impaired.
  16. Acute disease is a type of skin cancer and lung cancer acute.
  17. And other ailments that doctors are not detected.

Perdana Akhmad, S.Psi

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