A synergy the Qur'anic treatment and Treatment of Modern medicine.

From some practical experience and information in various writings of experts note that modern medicine with various branches and du'a (Qur'anic Treatment) is a powerful means of couples to heal the body and human soul. The condition of the body, intellect and soul man interrelated and became a center of life satisfaction.

World of medicine is running to the origin, i.e. a holistic medicine, which heals the human as a whole people, not divide them. Modern humans are torn between the bodies of the material with the spiritual spiritually finally found momentum to unite both sides of this. As well as in the medical field, should start making his world more intact, looked at the man not to mention remains the body with the instruments of organs, tissues and cells that are alive because of a physical, electrical activity of enzymes and hormones that chemically solely. See more intact, that man is something great that Allah Subhannahu wata'ala blessed the bodies, spirit and intellect.

One of these good trend I see in Larry Dossey M.D. American physician who is developing a medical perspective is broader than just the operating rooms and capsule pharmaceutical. As in general doctors who attended the secular medical education, at first he considers that prayer is superstition will look. But after decades of practice and researching, he arrived at a conclusion that changed his view of it, that scientifically has the power of prayer to heal. He later wrote the famous book: "The Healing Words" (words that Heal) which in the introduction he says that by entering the healing arts who pay attention to spiritual aspects into the world of medicine, this book will pave the way towards a medical science that is more effective and humane.

Among other physicians who underestimate this statement, arguing that research-research conducted to demonstrate the benefits of prayer that its methodology was lame, the draft and his observations so that the result was ugly. But try to see past this fact: until 1993 researchers have been conducting controlled studies as much as 131 even with State of the art research design: a Double Blind Randomized Control Trial. Fifty-six of these studies showed results statistically significant at p< 0.01 > while 21 studies show the significance of p < 0.05 >. This experiment is related to the influence of prayer on enzymes, yeast, bacteria, plants and animals as well as humans. If the quality is questionable, then still Please note: 10 of whom are doctoral dissertations, master's theses and the remaining 2 published in various reputable medical journal.

Masaru Emoto in his book The True Power of Water prove once more scientifically and can be accountable of how words are both capable of changing the shape of the water molecule which was originally a mess into a beautiful hexagonal crystal, and reverse the negative words to make the bad form. In hipotetik it is possible that the human body is between 80-90% is water has a response to words. And we are so reserves the right to prove it.

Presumably the doctors had to open eyes and make room for prayer to cure his patients. So, it goes without disinclined to pray for a patient and what's more important is to motivate the patient to exert healing wealth he had, is prayer. Give a smile that heals, and words that heal. A face of love.

Perdana Akhmad, S.Psi

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