What is the influence of the Qur'an against the organs of the body? Keep What Can Be Measured?

Medically has stated that the tense and worried it could lead to a reduction in (deficiency) the human immune response to disease. Increasingly unstable (not chemical equilibrium) psychiatric conditions and anxiety someone, then the open opportunities/vulnerable people were stricken with the disease. The influence of Al-Quran is the inefficient provision of returns to lead to an increase in the immune system and durability of the body against disease. The body becomes healthy and strong against the attacks of the disease.

Dr. Ahmed El Kadi in Missouri, USA research the influences of the Qur'an against the human body. Research and measurement is done against the 3 groups:
1.Muslim man who could speak Arabic.
2.Muslims do not speak Arabic.
3.Non-Muslims who do not speak Arabic.

This influence is measured and recorded by using a set of electronic equipment devices study and evaluation of nerve pressure coupled with a kind of computer Medax 2002 (Medical Data Exuizin) who discovered and developed by the Center for Health studies, Univ. of Boston and Dafikon Company in Boston.

This device evaluates the response – the response of acts that demonstrate the existence of tension through one of two things:

1. change of the motion the breath directly through your computer.
2. Supervision through an evaluation of the physiological changes in the body.

In all groups of respondents were read a verse of the Quran in Arabic and then read the translation in the language of the United Kingdom. And on each of these groups retrieved data is the impact that could have indicated about the Qur'an, i.e. 97% found the experiment the impact changes. This looks at the impact and physiological changes indicated by decreased levels of pressure on a nerve in spontaneity. This looks at the change of electrical energy in the muscles in the body's organs. And the changes that occur in the skin due to electrical energy, and changes in blood circulation, heart rate changes, the volume of blood flow to the skin, and body temperature. And all this change indicates that there are changes in the brain's nervous organs directly and simultaneously affect other body organs.

So from research carried out by Dr. Ahmed El Kadi is apparently known to the influence of the Qur'an can be measured and can decrease nervous tension which would cause the entire body will be refreshed, improved body and stamina will banish the various diseases or to treat it.

The reach of treatment of Qur'anic (Quranic Healing) is holistic.

In English, the word holistic comes from the Greece ' holos meaning whole. ' Holistic often associated with United Kingdom language ' whole ' which also means comprehensive. Thus, a holistic treatment for language is defined as a comprehensive treatment.

The basic approach to healing Qur'anic holistically is not only seen from the human body, but also mental and social relations even the universe. The role of exercise, for example with regard to the real organs, like the heart, blood vessels, brain, nerves, heart, digestive apparatus, the five senses, and glands. While the soul component consists of the spirit, intellect, passion, conscience, and more. As social creatures, humans are always interacting with its environment (the real nature and natural unreal). In principle in treatment of Qur'anic holistic, reply back therapy is examined thoroughly do not only see the physical side of human physical pain/, but also by looking at the side of the mental, emotional, and spiritual patients.

Quranic Holistic Medicine (we develop together team Quranic Healing Technology) is one of the disciplines and is a combination of various treatments that could be accounted for by the medical and science because treating the body as a whole by restoring the balance organs optimally balance work involving physical, psychological, mental, and emotional.

It can be said that philosophy is the concept of Holistic Health refers to lines that have defined God (sunatullah), because of the transgression of sunatullah will lead to disease or other disasters.
From a logical and scientific reason also that I made shariaah branding Quranic Healing Technology (Qur'anic Treatment Technology) and not to put forward a more shariaah ruqyah "Ruhiyah Treatment with Ruqyah and prayer Protection" for Quranic Healing Technology not only to put forward a ruhiyah (spiritual) but also physical and mental and emotional (psychological).

The conclusion Shariaah Ruqyah is one part of Quranic Healing Technology.

Perdana Akhmad, S.Psi

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