The purpose and benefits of the treatment of Qur'anic.

In addition to the great vision of the author would expect, there are at least three things that be the goal of this Therapy Qurani socialization.

The first, help to provide an Islamic way out to people who are experiencing problems of life, both in the form of a physical illness or diseases caused by sorcery to avoid and regardless of the deception of Satan (Talbis syaiton) in the form of khurafat and innovation dhalalah.

Secondly, to invite people who do not know the way of legislation among our brothers and sisters in order to resolve the problem intelligently by going back to the Qur'an that can protect a person from negative things that threaten.

Third, to resolve problems with a new form of matter does not cause any Defamation against hearts in the form of Libel, slander and desire syubhat errors and error, Libel, slander, and immoral, the innovation of despotism and ignorance that results in destruction of the science, the views, knowledge and Confidence to God Subhannahu and exalted.

Why should the treatment of Qur'anic?
Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim al-jawzi, may God bless him, "said Al-Quran is the most perfect healer medicine for all diseases of the body and soul, as well as diseases of the world and the hereafter. But not everyone deserves a taufiq Subhannahu and exalted by God to do a treatment with the Qur'an! But if people are ill treating his illness with Al-Quran with full faith and sincerity of heart, total surrender to Allah Subhannahu wa ta'ala, the belief that full comprehensive, as well as meet all other requirements, undoubtedly there has never been a disease that is able to beat him... "so the big opinions about the benefits of the verses of the Qur'an.

Indeed! We have so many valuable things in our lives, treasure, our energy, and mind to cure various physical ailments and the soul through a variety of hospitals and clinics from within the country and abroad. But few among us who are thinking of doing business in addition to the medical business, which should thus be the most essential means of healers who just needs a little time and effort.

How can the Qur'an Be Healers Of human body?

Evidence for this is as described by the word of Allah Subhannahu wata'ala in the Qur'an surat Al Israa ': 82 which reads: "and we sent down the Qur'an to be a bidder and mercy for the believers..."
Min (said in verse the Qur'an is an explanation of the type so that it means that the Qur'aan is a healing medicine entirely.

So Al-Qur'an is a drug, can be as a healer. One of the proof is an Imam Al-Bukhaari narrated that one of the companions of the Prophet named Abu said Al Qudri read surat Al-Fatihah (Umm Al-Qur'an) to someone who is bitten by a snake and apparently recovered his health.

Note, Al Fatihah comprises 7 verses. Isn't it like we know empirically that the number 7 represents a lot of things that we know on a daily basis, for example: 7 Wonders of the world, the 7 colors of the Rainbow, the 7 layers of the heavens, 7 layers of the Earth's crust, 7 days, 7 scale, ph 7 and so on. So by reading verses 7 Al Fatihah is equivalent to removing the 7 tones of the "voice" of the Holy verses of God exalted form of Subhannahu "wave" containing sacred texts that generates a "healing energy" from the holy texts that needed a body that is not in a State of equilibrium.

SOUND healing: 
scheme (Al-Qur'an) ........wave (Ilahiyah) ...... energy (Recuperation).

Here occurs a bio-electric therapy + bio heat, which can be transmitted through the hands (fingers/hands), or in the form of voice or vocal — with mind (brain waves). The energy of the wave will break through time and space to target far (distance healing) or close. These waves penetrate the body and lead to normalization (equilibrium conditions) in the body chemistry (Ph = 7), so that the body becomes healthy again. An equilibrium "chemically" in anatomy and psychology, faal process.

Perdana Akhmad, S.Psi

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