What is the Qur'anic healing technology?

Quranic Healing Technology (technologies, Qur'anic Treatment/Therapy Ruqyah) is the development of the science and art of healing of all manner of illness either physical, psychic, disruption or attack magic spirits who have been taught by the Prophet . In addition to Quranic Healing Technology is also a technical resistance, protection and pembentengan yourself from all sorts of physical harm mara, or psychic. "Healing the Qur'anic" the main source of his power is a du'a that is referred to in Arabic as a Ruqyah are gathered from the verses of the Qur'an and prayers-prayer taught Sharia law. With the expectation of being sought for relief from a variety of disorders. Because prayer is a weapon that many muslim Ummah is forgotten today. In various Hadith mentioned that:

"Prayer is the weapon of the believer, as a pillar of religion, as well as the light of the heavens and the Earth" (narrated by Hakeem No. 1812)

 "Prayer is beneficial to what is already happened or has not occurred. Therefore, you should always pray ". (Narrated by Hakeem No. 1815)

In addition, like the other said: prayer is the most efficacious drug.

"Do not you guys are weak in praying, because someone will not perish with the prayer" (narrated by Hakeem 1818)

 "God doesn't lose a disease, unless he is also lowering the cure" (narrated by Al-Bukhaari, no. 5678)
"every disease there is a cure, then if the drugs consumed match, he undoubtedly will be cured with the permission of Allah" (narrated by Muslim, no. 2204)

 "Allaah does not decrease disease, unless he is also lowering the cure, know (understand) by people who know about it and that is not understood by most people "(narrated by Ahmad, no. 17988)
 It is also strengthened by the word of Allaah Subhannahu and exalted: and we sent down the Qur'an to be a bidder and a mercy to those who believe" (Al isra: 82)

Why do many people Leave These Techniques and  they are not sure this Therapeutic methods of the Al-Quran?

Lack of knowledge of Muslims about the Quran made them reposition this treatment as a last resort after there is no longer an option. Whereas wealth benefits of Al-Quran is able to penetrate the logic and limits of impossibility. But human beings appropriate not convinced by a method before the existence of the underlying disease, scientific facts..

in this scientific fact is about science or technology cutting edge treatment with the Qur'an. Such as the emergence of questions: what is happening in the patient's body that can pass it on healing while listening to the Quran?

All of which is a complete answer to the various questions that incomprehensible logic. Such questions;
"What is a treatment or therapy Al-Quran (Quranic Healing Theraphy) itself?".
Well, "Quranic Healing Theraphy" or Healing Therapies Qur'anic is the science and art of healing, Pembentengan and resistance of physical illnesses, psychic Disorders, Jin and magic and all the dangers.

Form of treatment or therapy the Qur'an is a therapy using Ruqyah readings of verses from the Qur'an and the Sunnah prayers (taught by the Prophet ) to yourself or others. It is repeated several times until the healing process is going on (God willing).

So, things that affect yourself as well as others that are sick (of any form of disease either physical pain, psychic, magic attack jin and distraction) endeavor to be cured by through the reading of the verses of the Qur'an and prayers which legislated (there is guidance of the Prophet ).

The reading of the Qur'an consists of three things, first through sound waves reading Qur'aan which exits through the therapist (healer) to recite or read directly by patients or indirectly i.e. using a recorded voice be heard through modern equipment (digital audio).

In addition to using the readings from the Qur'an and prayers which are legislated, Quranic Healing Theraphy (Qur'anic therapy treatment) also uses the method of touch (Healing Touch), the method, the method the sweep sweep / Pats/ tapping (Tapping), massages, handling methods, thrust, pull, method of breath /puffs that are synergistic with chanting readings from the Qur'an and prayers at the time of the healing therapies are underway.

Treatment of Stretch Bridging the distance between the Qur'anic THEOLOGY-science-metaphysics.

Concepts of religious philosophy is just a barometer & guide us, no matter where we are born, GOD has provided us with the barometer-barometer. All religions say the same thing that THERE is something "OUTSIDE" of human knowledge.

Science has proved that the fears, anxieties, worries, and depression is the cause of the emergence of the disease. Serious mistake in mind can be dragged into the disease.

"Verses of the Qur'an and prayers used in the treatment is the metaphysical elements which will be directly connected with the center of the brain, because the processing functions of non verbal and emotional is a part of the brain. The verses that can do emotional healing and somehow even the enhance spiritual awareness. The verses of the Qur'an have a healer a privilege that is not found in medicines, which only created by Allaah Subhannahu and exalted, not made in the laboratory. In the process of healing verses will evoke the spiritual energy that is able to heal the pain, sorrow and failure ".

Unfortunately when we discuss the treatment of Qur'anic (Quranic Healing) then there are still many people who imagine a supernatural treatment with the power of hypnosis with the placebo effect is not scientific. Healings can occur through many ways-in part was we understand (already tested and scientifically examined) – another recently shall we understand and the rest still has not been revealed.

As a muslim, yet healing is God's mercy revealed Subhannahu and exalted. While the mysterious healing and could not be solved with the "how" or "why", we can 1-0 and are thankful for his existence.

Perdana Akhmad, S.Psi

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