Forms of Power and the power (energy) on the Qur'anic Healing (Quranic Healing)

there are four forms of energy like Ruqyah which I described as follows:

 1. Energy Ruqyah Is God's help.
The fact that power and strength resulting from the healing Therapies derived from the Qur'anic help Allah alone.
From Anas bin Malik said, "the Prophet Is , when faced with a problem, he prayed," o Almighty eternal life, which continued to take care of (his being), only by your grace, I ask for help. ". Form of God's help is very much that we can not expect and think.

2. Energy Ruqyah Is Nur or Light/light Healing healer.
The healing energy of the Qur'anic form of a beam of light that emanated when a healer the practitioner read Holy Quran verses or prayers according the Shari'a. Evidence for this is:

"Behold the Qur'aan is a call from God, then it is best to accept his call you guys. The Qur'an is the rope of God. The bright light, and ' (medicine) which is beneficial. " (HR. Imam Al-Hakim)

 "read the Qur'aan, because it will be a light for you in the Earth and became the mistress of heaven." (Ibn Habban in the Hadith)

"Prayer is the weapon of a believer and a pillar (pillar) religion as well as the light of heaven and Earth." (Narrated by Abu Ya'la)

3. Ruqyah is energy sound waves Ilahiyah.

 Each sound or sound source has a certain wavelength and frequency. Then reading Qur'aan are read with tartil (read slowly) and in accordance with tajwid (delivered with the best and perfect reading of each verse of the Qur'an) has a frequency and wavelength are able to affect the brain in a positive and restore balance in the body.

Reading Qur'aan has an effect that is very good for the body, as it gives a soothing effect, enhance creativity, improve the immune system, improve concentration, curing various diseases, creating an atmosphere of peace and relieve the tension of the nerves of the brain, relieve anxiety, overcoming fear, reinforce the personality, improving language proficiency, etc.

Originally the billions of nerve cells in the human brain vibrate constantly.  This cell contains a complicated program where billions of cells around interacting in an exceptional coordination that shows the greatness of Allah azza wa jalla.

A researcher named William Enrick Duve discovered that the brain reacts to certain sound waves. And the waves can affect in a positive and negative. When circulating information that classical music have an effect on the development of the human brain, many circles to use classical music as a therapeutic drug.

But, the Qur'an is still the best medicine. Therapy with Al-Quran is proven to increase intelligence, soothe the soul, cure various diseases and others. This is because the frequency of the wave reading Qur'aan has the capability to reprogram the cells of the brain, enhance capabilities, and balance it.

Ruqyah is energy weapons and fortress of Ilahiyah 

"prayer is the weapon of a believer and a pillar (pillar) religion as well as the light of heaven and Earth." (Narrated by Abu Ya'la)

A wave of energy that emanated from the reading of the Holy Quran verses and prayers would be powerful weapons to repel, destroy and protection from all kinds of diseases in the body both physical (bacteria deleterious disease, germs, harmful viruses, cancer cells. Various chemical or natural toxins and so forth) and physical (poison magic, Jinn, a variety of negative energy).

It also could be a weapon of resistance and protection when facing an attack either physical (fights, robbery, theft and so on) as well as non physical (witchcraft, to attack-to attack jin, magic, etc).

There are many more forms of power and strength (energy) are like Ruqyah which scientifically is not yet known which still continue to be examined and investigated scientists.

Perdana Akhmad, S.Psi

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